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  • * Brayer Roller (10cm width Deluxe soft grip handle)

    A staple tool for mixed media crafters, Couture Creations Brayer Roller features a 100mm wide rubber roller with a deluxe soft grip handle for comfortable use inking, painting, adhering, stamping and more!
  • *10pc Blending Brush Kit with Display Stand

    Couture Creations Blending Brush Kit with Display Stand contains 2 each of 5 blending brush sizes perfect for working with alcohol, pigment and dye inks! Try using along with masks and stencils...
  • *Acrylic Block Set with grid lines (5 pc / 8mm deep)

    Couture Creations Acrylic Block Set is a brilliant set of stamp blocks sized for your most commonly sized stamps. Always suit your stamp to right block and avoid over stamping,...
  • *Alcohol Ink Applicator Tool - Felt Refills (50 pack)

      Extend the life of your Couture Creations Alcohol Ink Applicator Tool (CO727343) with this set of 50 replacement felt refills. 
  • *Alcohol Ink Applicator Tool Deluxe Heart Model with Holder inc 10 felts

    50 x 50 x 65mm | 1.9 x 1.9 x 2.5in This beautiful Alcohol Ink Applicator Tool features a gorgeous heart shape and is ideal for precise and mess free...
  • *Alcohol Ink Blending tips - Fine Point (Pkt 50)

    88mm | 3.4in each (50pc) Delicately blend colours and tones with Couture Creations Alcohol Inks using this brilliant set of fine point blending tips.
  • *Alcohol Ink Blower - Premium Quality, Metal tip - 42mm x 92mm (1.65 x 3.62in)

    42mm x 92mm (1.65 x 3.62in) Create unique projects with Alcohol Inks by adding a little air using Couture Creations Alcohol Ink Blower. The rubber squeeze bulb and precision tip allow...
  • *Goodbye Static Pad

    70 x 50mm | 2.7 x 1.9in
  • *GoPress & Foil Metal Conversion Plate

    150 x 196 x 1.38mm | 5.9 x 7.7 x 0.05in Designed for the GoPress and Foil machine, this metal conversion plate is required to add the pressure required for...
  • *Multi-Purpose Heat Tool

    Couture Creations Multi-purpose Heat Tool is a powerful device for heating a plethora of craft and embossing projects requiring heat, like... Curing embossing powder on papier mache, timber, terracotta, fabric...
  • *Piercing Tool (CDEPT001)

    Designed by Find It Media in Holland for use with the Hobbydots Dot and Do Decoupage Sets, this small paper piercer is the size of a ballpoint pen and perfect...
  • *Precision Stamp Press (140 x 200mm

    *Final Precision Stamp Press Colouring will differ   Quickly, easily and precisely apply stamped images with Couture Creations Precision Stamp Press, featuring a spring action lid and powerful magnets to keep...
  • *Sponge Dauber Storage Unit (holds 40 daubers)

    190.5 x 119.3 x 34.2mm | 7.5 x 4.7 x 1.35in
  • *Sponge Daubers - Bulk Set 100 Pkg

    Includes 100 Sponge Daubers in a compact bespoke white box.  
  • *Sponge Daubers Set (6pc)

    This quality sponge dauber set from Couture Creations is perfect for use in inking, stamping and distressing in craft, scrapbooking and cardmaking  
  • *Stamp Scrubber - washable

    127 x 177.8mm | 5 x 7in Works with Rubber, Foam and Clear Stamps.Clean scrubber cleaning pad with water and mild detergent. Do not use in the dishwasher. Not recommended...
  • Applicator Bottles - 20ml with rustproof precision tip and cover (2pc)

    With a thin precision tip, these 20mL bottles from Couture Creations are perfect to fill with alcohol ink, isopropyl alcohol, adhesives and more! Ideal for use when you need precision.  
  • Blending Brush - Large - 25 x 40mm

    25 x 40mm | 0.9 x 1.5mm Head Create unique blended effects with alcohol ink, pigment ink, dye ink, mixed media and more using this quality Blending Brush from Couture Creations.
  • Blending Brush - Medium - 20 x 30mm

    20 x 30mm | 0.7 x 1.1in Head Create unique blended effects with alcohol ink, pigment ink, dye ink, mixed media and more using this quality Blending Brush from Couture Creations.
  • Bone Folder (20 x 149mm

    20 x 149mm | 0.7 x 5.8in each in a pack of 10 pieces
  • Brush - Water Brush Pack (3pc - sml tip 1.3cm, med tip 1.7cm, lg tip 1.9cm)

    SMALL SIZE TIP3 X 13MM | 0.1 x 0.5inMIDDLE SIZE TIP4 X 17MM | 0.1 x 0.6inLARGE SIZE TIP5 X 19MM | 0.1 x 0.7in Includes 3 water brushes, each with...
  • Corner Punch - Corner Cutter 10mm (Inverted & Rounded)

    PLEASE NOTE: SHIPS IN 1 OF 4 RANDOMLY SELECTED COLOURS > GREEN, YELLOW, RED AND BLUE 10mm | 0.39in Cuts up to 4 sheets of standard paper stock with rounded...
  • Corner Punch 5mm - Corner Cutter (Inverted & Rounded)

    PLEASE NOTE: SHIPS IN 1 OF 4 RANDOMLY SELECTED COLOURS > GREEN, YELLOW, RED AND BLUE 5mm | 0.19in Cuts up to 4 sheets of standard paper stock with rounded and...
  • Creative Detailer (inc 12 large refills, 10 small refills, 2 positioners)

    170 x 22mm | 6.6 x 0.8in With a comfortable, easy to use form factor, powerful motor and refills in 2 sizes, the Creative Detailer from Couture Creations is perfect...
  • Cut N Go Pro - C Plate - Die Adapter

    1pc - 5.875 x 7.75" | 15 x 19.7cm
  • Cutting Mat - Self Healing - Pink & Black (15 x 15in)

    Couture Creations classic self healing cutting mat is back. Measurements both sides in millimetres and up to 12 inches. * Smooth Surface* High Quality Materials
  • Edge Crimper / Distresser (Purple)

    32 X 48 X 3 MM | 1.3 X 1.9 X 0.1IN Easily crimp and distress the edges of your paper and cardstock with this handy little tool, small enough...
  • Glue & Residue Eraser (1pc) (50 x 63 x 9.5mm)

    50 x 63 x 9.5mm | 2 x 2.5 x 0.3in The perfect craft accessory for cardmaking, scrapbooking, school and general crafting to have on hand to assist in removing misplaced adhesives...
  • Handy Clips (2pc) (5 x 5 x 170mm)

    5 X 5 X170MM | 0.2 X 0.2 X7IN  Includes 2 long handles tipped with alligator clips, perfect for lending an extra hand during your mixed media projects, cardmaking, scrapbooking, general crafting...
  • Lift Off Tool

    60 x 74mm | 2.3 x 2.9mm Quickly and easily lift, place and knead out bubbles on stickers with Couture Creations Lift Off Tool! An essential tool for every crafters...
  • Magnetic Platform

    195 x 149 x 4.85mm | 7.6 x 5.8 x 0.1in For use with the GoPower and Emboss machine (but universally compatible), keep your metal cutting dies, cut and create dies,...
  • Mat - Crafters Stamping and Pricking Mat / 215 x 280mm

    215 x 280mm | 8.4 x 11in An ideal surface for use with pricking, piercing, modelling and stamping applications.
  • Metal Shim - For GoPress and Foil (140 x 197mm)

    140 x 197mm | 5.5 x 7.75in Perfect for use with our GoPress and Foil machine as well as our popular diecutting and embossing machine the GoCut and Emboss this...
  • Mini Funnels (2pc)

    40 X 40 X 50MM | 1.6 X 1.6 X 2IN EACH Small multi-purpose funnels perfect for use in a huge range of mixed media, cardmaking, scrapbooking and craft projects.
  • Mini Guillotine Trimmer (cuts 220mm)

    Couture Creations Mini Guillotine Trimmer is the perfect accessory for creatives on the go and ideal for crafters with limited space to create. Measurements in millimetres and inches.
  • Mini Score Board - 8in x 6in

    Scores up to 13 x 18mm | 5.5 x 7in Includes a scoring guide on the reverse for envelopes and boxes plus a detachable bone folder making this mini scoring...
  • Non Stick Craft Mats (11.8in x 15.7 in - 33cm x 40cm)

    330 x 400mm | 11.8 x 15.7in Protect your work surface while you craft! This thin, heat resistant craft mat is ideal for Heat Embossing, Adhering, Painting, Mixed Media, Baking...
  • Palette Knife Set (6pc) (190mm

    All Approximately 190mm | 7.4in Long  
  • Paper Trimmer

    304.8 x 304.8mm | 12 x 12in Couture Creations Paper Trimmer is a compact sliding cutter that features a swing arm allowing you to cut up to 12in patterned papers...
  • Pick Up Pencil (173mm

    173mm | 6.8in Couture Creations Pick Up Pencil is the perfect accessory for picking up and handling small embellishments, rhinestones, gemstones and pearls.
  • Precision Craft Knife with pink rubber handle + 5 blades

    150mm | 5.9in Couture Creations PrecisionCraft Knife is a brilliant example of craftmanship and simplicity. A staple in any craft project our craft knife features a rubber handle for ease...
  • Quick Release Die Paper (15cm x 5m each)

    150mm x 5m | 5.9in x 16.4ft (2 Rolls) Tired of stubborn cardstock getting caught in the midst of your intricate cutting dies? Couture Creations Quick Release Die Paper can be...
  • Quilling Tool Slotted

    Couture Creations Slotted Quilling Tool is the easiest paper tole and quilling tool to pick up and learn, perfect for beginners and experts alike! By placing a thin paper quilling...
  • Replacement Blades - Paper Trimmer Cut Blades (2pc)

    2 x Replacement Cutting Blades designed for use with Couture Creations Paper Trimmer.  
  • Replacement Blades - Paper Trimmer Score and Cut (2pc)

    1 x Replacement Cutting Blade and 1 x Replacement Scoring Blade designed for use with Couture Creations Paper Trimmer.  
  • Replacement Magnets for the Precision Stamp Press (2pc)

     Includes 2 replacement magnets for Couture Creations Precision Stamp Press.
  • Ribbon Frame (White / Plastic with 4 Pillars)

    100 X 75 X 70MM | 3.9 X 3 X 2.8IN
  • Sanding Block

    92 x 22 x 32mm | 3.6 x 0.8 x 1.2in With 4 sides of varying roughness, Couture Creations Sanding Block is an essential tool for any craft stash to use...
  • Scissors - Yellow + Black - Teflon Non Stick Blades (5.5in - 1.5mm thick)

    139.7mm | 5.5in Couture Creations Teflon Scissors allow you to cut a variety of materials with ease and feature a non-stick blade that allows glue, tape, stickers, adhesive and other...
  • Scoring & Modelling Tool Set (4 Pack)

    4/6mm, 8/12mm, 9/16mm, 11/18mm | 0.1/0.2in, 0.3/0.4in, 0.3/0.6in, 0.4/0.7in Score paper and cardstock and create unique paper flowers with this versatile set of quality handheld scoring and modelling tools.
  • Scoring Board - 12 x 12 (inc bone folder and guide)

    Couture Creations Scoring Board assists in folding all kinds of crafts, from perfectly scored cards to boxes and 3 dimensional projects! Includes a bone folder tool and guide for common...
  • Sponge Brush Set (2 Large, 3 Small)

    LARGE: 30 X 30 X 90MM | 1.2 X1.2 X 3.5INSMALL: 20 X 20X 83MM | 0.8 X 0.8 X 3.3IN
  • Stamp Cleaner

    50ml | 1.75fl oz All purpose stamp cleaner can be used to clean and remove alcohol ink and solvent ink from applicable surfaces, clear and rubber stamp designs.
  • Tape Cutter - White

    55 x 60 x 30mm | 2.1 x 2.3 x 1.1in Assembled
  • Tidy Tray (149 x 25 x 210mm)

    149X 25 X 210MM | 5.9 X 1 X 8.3IN 
  • Trimmer - Guillotine 12in I 30cm

    304.8 x 304.8mm | 12 x 12in
  • Universal Metal Cutting Plate Adapter Mat

    5.51in x 7.75in  |  14cm x 19.7cm Ideal for use with all popular diecutting and embossing machines (like the gocut and emboss machine from Couture Creations) this durable plate can be used...
  • x Acrylic Block Set ( 6 Sizes )

    This set from Couture Creations is the perfect companion for the avid stamper, featuring a selection of acrylic backing blocks ideal for making a strong, consistent impression. Need Ink? Take...
  • x Go Press and Foil - Pick'n Lift 3in1 Magic Tool

    19 x 160mm | 0.7 x 6.2in Featuring a magnetic surface and sturdy tip, this quality pick and lift accessory is the recommended craft tool for handling your hotfoil stamps,...
  • x x Tool - Glue Spreader (20pc)

    With this pack of 20 Glue Spreaders from Helmar you can keep your hands and your latest card making, scrapbooking or craft project clean and concise! No more unwanted sticky...